About USU

The United Staff Union (USU) is a member-run union that empowers AFSCME’s professional staff to make sure that all staff are treated fairly and with respect.

We advocate for better working conditions, fair pay and benefits, and equitable treatment on the job.

We are proud to go to work every day and fight on behalf of AFSCME’s 1.6 million members. Without us, the green machine doesn’t happen.

USU is committed to the following objectives:

  1. Develop a completely democratic and transparent union that is responsive to the full membership
  2. Negotiate and enforce the collective bargaining agreements between professional staff and AFSCME
  3. Develop and enforce procedures for violations of the contract
  4. Establish and maintain lines of communication among members and between members and AFSCME

Why do we need a staff union?

AFSCME is an organization that fights for working families, but it is also an employer. They have incentives to cut costs by using contractors, working staff longer hours and paying us less. USU is how we keep AFSCME honest and ensure that staff are treated fairly.

We advocate to improve working conditions, which is especially important due to the grueling work while on organizing and political assignments.

We also ensure that staff are not unfairly disciplined by a capricious supervisor or and combat favoritism in the workplace.

To learn more read about USU’s history.