Contact Your Steward

If you want to learn more about USU, have a concern, or an issue at work you should talk to your steward.


What is a shop steward?

Your union shop steward is a co-worker that has been elected by his or her peers to represent them with management and to help enforce the contract. USU stewards serve as department-level organizers and worker representatives to management.

A steward’s duties include:

  • Welcoming new employees and explaining what USU is all about
  • Explaining the contract
  • Addressing co-workers’ concerns and problems
  • Representing co-workers during disciplinary actions with management to ensure that the process is fair and the co-workers’ rights are upheld
  • Working with management to solve workplace issues
  • Informing co-workers about USU news, calls, meetings, elections, etc.
  • Advising leadership on how their co-workers feel about certain issues
  • Building power in our department by organizing through 1-on-1 conversations!