For Stewards

This page has everything you need to know to become an awesome steward.

Are you interested in becoming a steward for your co-workers? Contact your Chief Steward to learn how.

Your Role as a USU Steward

USU stewards serve as department-level organizers and worker representatives to management. You are the front line of our union.

As a USU Steward your duties include:

  • Welcoming new employees and explaining what USU is all about
  • Explaining the contract to co-workers (see below for links)
  • Addressing co-workers’ concerns and problems
  • Representing co-workers during disciplinary actions with management to ensure that the process is fair and the co-workers’ rights are upheld. Advise them of their options.
  • Working with management to solve workplace issues
  • Informing co-workers about USU news, calls, meetings, elections, etc. and turning them out so that they actually show up/attend/vote
  • Advising leadership on how your co-workers feel about certain issues
  • Building power in our department by organizing through 1-on-1 conversations!

Getting Started

Step One: Breathe. Don’t worry! You are not alone. You have a network of fellow stewards and union leadership who are here to support you, give you advice, and provide a helping hand.

Step Two: Read the AFSCME Steward Handbook. This includes pretty much everything you need to know. Start here. For further information, there are training videos listed below.

Step Three: Read the Contract (HQ/Field; Field Support). This will help you understand our rights and obligations.

Step Four: Read the USU constitution. This will help you understand how our union works so that you can explain it to your co-workers.

Step Five: Introduce yourself to your co-workers. Collect their non-work contact information so that you can stay in touch with USU news and information. Use this template to get started.

Find out if there are any issues or concerns with the workplace or management.

Step Six: Check in periodically to see if everything is okay and make sure to keep people informed about USU news as you hear about it from your chief steward and the union president.



USU Constitution

Training Videos

We have an amazing collection of informative training videos that were produced by USU Staff in our Education Department.

They cover an array of topics that will help you become a better steward and organize your co-workers.

See the selection here ยป